Saturday, November 13, 2010


Paperless Magazine

Tom Austin wrote a nice article on "Friends With You" for Paper magazine. Here are some exerts.

FriendsWithYou is about the enduring power of whimsy and creating fables: FWY bills themselves as a "portal to a secret club and lifetime adventure."

Pals Times Two

To Sandoval, it's all part of the FWY dialectic, an attempt to "incorporate all religions of the world in a playful and not scary way. Our art has a ritual, spiritual aspect, and it's fun, colorful and interac- tive, with many levels of access."

And to Borkson, who believes that FWY installations can "cleanse people without them even knowing it," Rainbow City, Pharrell and all the rest is part of the new Miami message: "It's such a different town now--look at the De La Cruz museum down the street. The whole city was missing a groove before, but now it's a magical place, full of art."

Warning: Basel Week

This December during Art Basel, they'll be focusing on Rainbow City, an art work that reflects all their influences; like Sandoval's Cuban background (particularly Yoruba, a religion tied to Santeria) and Borkson's Judaism. The installation also has traces of Hindu Holi festivals and Native American ceremonies.

Look for Rainbow City across the street from the incomparable SWAMPSPACE Gallery.



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