Thursday, November 18, 2010

BaselArt: Before n After

Prizma-colored Splendor

With the anticipation of Art Basel Week 2010, here is a harbinger post for the artificiality of such an event. With all the hullabaloo expected, it is easy to ignore the permanent Miami for the other 51 weeks in the swamp.

Made in Dade

Much of South Florida is a variegated landscape of affluence and destitute. We have established and packaged the background for the kabuki kaleidoscopic attraction that lures art aficionados from all corners of the globe to converge here and mingle among a myriad of special events and sideshows of the new. One rather astute observer describes the panorama here as "... mostly swamp, interrupted by attempts at architecture."

Not a Decade Too Soon

Sanctioned murals are coloring the cityscape into a literal museum of the street. How cool is that! But with the validation of street art comes a diminishing of the thrill that has propelled much of the precursors of what is finally happening. It is one thing to create at your leisure under the umbrella of legitimacy but it is historically something else to dart across the night shadows or the glare of sunshine and avoid the graffiti police hellbent on hampering your creative spirit.

Little Puerto Rico

While much of our beloved city still looks like this...

Our sentimental swamp is looking more like this.

Key individuals are always at a premium for they are the movers, shakers and deal makers that prop up the rest of the circumventing circus. One such luminary is well recognized for his enduring contribution to the betterment of Miami. No it is not Marco Rubio nor Duane Wade.

A Patron for Our Times

One man can make a difference. While there are wads of wealthy folk out there, you will be hard pressed to find even a hand-full that support the arts consistently. The magnanimous Tony Goldman is a beacon of benevolence to scores of talented artist from the streets of Miami and around the globe. In his silver years Tony is truly a tiger.

English Spoken Here

At his Wynwood Walls Complex you can groove on the fancy work of Ron English, DearRainDrop, Shepard Fairey and many others.

Stop Thinking, Start Feeling

We are also fortunate to have the iconic Kenny Scharf here. Kenny speaks the language of global freedom and as the apostle of FUN he professes a powerful message to each individual whose eyes are peeked to the cosmic truths of our very beings. The power of NOW.

Airstream for Humanity

For Walter the groundskeeper, it was a day of mixed emotions when we humbly petitioned him to relinquish his humble adobe to the greater cause for the beatification of his home and hood. I trust the art spirits are looking down on him with blessings and a better fortune.

Extreme Makeover

The Airstream trailer looked like this... it looks like this.



Visit the Kenny Scharf Cosmic Cavern Airstream for ABMB at the Wynwood Walls and have a pizza at Joe's.

Tidy Bowl, Bro!

So it is that Basel has the uncanny ability to transform a place and its people, not just for one week but for the next generation.


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