Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yearning for a Learning

A,B,C and vegetable goop
What will I find in my alphabet soup?

With one last go-round of hop-scotch the end of summer vacations turn our sights towards textbooks and information.
Our First Lady went to Prinston AND Harvard.


But can she replace Larry 'king of talk" King who went to the SoBe School of Journalism.
Perhaps, but she is overqualified.

Lone Dissenter

Little Dennis Kucinich went to school and got a degree in speech and communication.
Today he speaks truth to power in the u.s. congress.

Trophy Lady

He also caught the fancy of a looker, Elizabeth who wrote "Conflict Resolution in World Politics".

Best in Class

Alex Sink went to the private Wake Forest University and she is now poised to be our next Governor. This week she got the ear of the POTUS while in Miami.

Kendrick Meek settled for Clinton at the Gusman downtown.

Growth is Not an Option Anymore

Build in my backyard and they will come.
The Fontainebleau Hotel was all up in the news this week when Obama blowed into town for a meet-and-greet with supporters.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — President Barack Obama's brief visit to Miami Beach brought cheers and protests Wednesday, drawing $700,000 in donations for Democrats... secret service detail, travel and bagels 3,000,000.

a corned beef sandwich for the commander-in-chief

After all those miles and mingling smiles, Obama would not be well advised if he was not steered towards a big meal from the local delicatessen where Kendrick ordered cold borscht, knishes, corned beef sandwich and a ruben on rye for the first lady. The girls seemed to like the pumpernickel buns, coleslaw n pickled green tomatoes but their favorite was banana cream pie.

Gastronomic Rainbow

A poll on Lincoln Road showed that one out of five Americans think the president is
50% Kosher.
I will not argue with that.

Enough Eating, Do Some Learning

So it is Back to School for million of kids across the nation. For those fortunate enough to go to public schools where diminished fund and guttural morals are pervasive, pack some tatter-tots and best of luck. Above all, try to think for yourselves and ask "are the inmates are running the asylum".

Bound to Literacy

Some kids are drawn to books like locust to corn, way many others i fear are not. For them there is a culture of orality which can serve just as well, given the proper script of reason and argument.

Class of 2011

The quest for knowledge is an odyssey.
The accumulation of information is a burden.

Obama came to me in a dream and said,
"swampthing, make jobs."
I said ok, but the only jobs available are top secret.


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