Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mosquito Repellent

"All things are subject to interpretation
whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

(Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

Thread Bare Patriotism

When it comes to trivializing profoundity and sensationalizing trivia, no one does it better than Faux News and street vendors. When the Tea Partyers converged in DC for a show of force on the anniversary of MLK civil rights march and claimed it was a coincidence in time, i say bull-pucky. When the same misguided souls espouse sedition and embrace secession from the union, I have to wonder what's next? Surely not peaceful resolution. Perhaps the more we are distracted and divided from the heady issues such as the consolidation of propaganda, the disparity of wealth and our secret foreign policy agenda, the more we will be left behind with that feeling of empty concern.

Haters Welcome Mat

When it comes to tolerance and reconciliation, Glenn Beck is a styrofoam brick wall, impassable yet 99% air. Beck is the latest clued-in mouthpiece for the eliminationist crowd that Rush Limpbaum championed bombastic. These push-button sound-biters are not stupid, they just cater to the stupid in some of us. When those "some of us" tally in the millions, we others must be on the look-out for packs of sheeple in wolves garb brandishing bibles, billy-clubs and blind rage.

True Blue Byzantine Target

If the proposed mosque at ground zero is to look anything like this one in Afghanistan, then I'm all for it. What I stand firmly opposed to is another institution that blindly props up the official fable that 19 rag-heads from the saudi desert were able to fool the greatest known defenders of freedom in the blue planet on their own turf with no help from the insiders that benefit obscenely from such theater of disaster.

9/11 Omission Report

Until there is a considerable challenge by BigMedia to the official story of what happened on that fateful day in September 2001, we are all living a big fat lie. The status quo can only collapse under its own weight from within.
What is it going to take to re-investigate the crime of the century... space monkeys with telepathic hypnotical tweeters beaming the truth on cable teevee and on the back of cereal boxes?


Somewhere is some dingy office there is a whistle-blower with his/her finger in the dam.
How long before they need to scratch their conscience or some other itch...

Until then, Have a Nietzsche Day



  1. as usual, succinct and verlempt.

  2. make that verklempt.

  3. thanks anon, my Tucha is all Ver Clempt.