Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Brackish Estuary

Get your facts first, and then you can distort 'em as much as you please.
- Mark Twain

Needed Subtext

When hearing about New Orleans and Katrina, two words come to mind, Before and After.
Ned Sublette has written the definitive history of this magical place in America. With poignant personal reflection and meticulous historical detail, Sublette defines what it is to be of the Louisianan Bayou. Read it and weep with joy and pain.

Bridge to Elsewhere

Exert from The Year Before the Flood:

The next morning, the last leg of our drive was through 150 miles of thunderstorms. I drove most of it at eighty miles an hour. I had told myself I wouldn't drive that fast, but everyone else was going at autobahn speed, even in the rain. Like religion, politics, and music, driving in the United States has become more belligerent in recent years. Despite the increased probability of carnage if you crash at a higher speed, it's easier to flow with the traffic than to have Hummers and semis whipping around you constantly, hurling blinding sheets of water onto your windshield, while a suicide-jockey motorcyclist darts around between you. A small truck passes with FEAR THIS painted on its back, and a verse citation from Revelation. A giant chemical tank roars past with the cautionary MOLTEN SULFUR painted on its side. Isn't that the stuff that spews out of volcanoes?

Heck of Job Brownose

We have all but forgotten the days in the aftermath of Katrina. The man-made disaster that followed an otherwise typical hurricane became a sideshow of distractions from years of irresponsible policy and engineered missteps. With an eye on the depopulation of a people deemed a lecherous burden on the Homeland, Bush Brown and Skeletor worked overtime to spin the public relations blow-back. Today they are all out to pasture in the private sector collecting fat gov'ment pensions.

Deep Shit Horizon

Fast and furious is how BP rolls.
Who wants to forget the worst oil spill in history, the crude and lewd disregard for regulatory protections for the Mississippi Delta and its people. The lasting environmental disaster that continues to unfold untold and buried in an avalanche worthless news.

Harnessing Mother Nature

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

We are harassing the physical world, not so as to diminish her wrath but more so as an instrument of our endless war arsenal. We are now in the year after the beam weapons have gone online... and we are not the only nation with HAARP technology.

Jakarta Jack-in-the-Box

Can you name just a few of the glaring anomalies of recent times that are easy to explain once you accept the notion that Reagan's Space-Wars dream may have come true?
Possibilities abound when you tune your tin-foil head-gear to the sci-fi frequencies.


In spite of the lessons and concerted efforts of FEMA after Katrina there are some things we can never truly prepare for. In managing emergencies there is one thing to ask yourself.
When the beam hits the ionosphere, will you lead/follow, get out of the way or sell something?

Play It Again, Harry

From watching teevee coverage of the fifth anniversary of Katrina, it appears that Harry Connick Jr. is now the face of the new New Orleans music scene. Yes he is a genuine Cajun original, white on the outside and brimming with old soul and strong heart from the inside.
But he now lives in Connecticut.
The skin and bones of New Orleans have been plowed over and from its nutrients a powerful re-birth in at hand.


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