Thursday, April 22, 2010

last week's news

World news digest from the swamp is moving like molasses, here is last week's reportage for the slow to know.

Earth Daily

Got New? call 1-001-800-911

just flew in, wings tired

Now that the volcanic ash cloud of terror has dissipated enough to allow air travel to resume, Europeans are rediscovering trains after standing by while commercial air travel sat like a duck out of water.

Earth Day... Moon Night

Buzz Aldrin - man on the moon commented upon looking at the earth from that unique perspective:

"One small step for man, one giant vacuum cleaner for mankind.

Buzz recently toured prez Obam! through Cape Kennedy and got a big blast of federal funding to energize space exploration. Throwing money into space is nice in a starwars kinda way but there are pressing needs down on the ground.

Carbon Base Peanut Farmer

Long term change is most obvious when we take a rear-view mirror look at works in progress such as US president Jimmy Carter pitching solar panels during the 1970's oil shortage or the Three Gorges Dam in China, biggest hydro-electric install thus far with huge environmental footprint.

Humans Welcome

The earth doesn't mind that we are here, in fact she probably does not give us much thought as she may very well be better off in some respect without us.
Father time does not give a flying walinda about man.

Edward R. Burrow Bldg.

But wherever man goes, trouble and devastation soon follow. Back in happier simpler days when folks got around on horse and buggy, the American ethic was one of true affluence.
But as disparity in the classes grew, poor folk got itchy with discontent.

I Heart Office Bldg.

Who would like to forget that fateful day in Oklahoma City when federal agencies became the target for disgruntled enemies within. The home-grown haters reared their ugly tempers and made some noise. The official story ended with the electric chair for a young soldier from around the corner who took his secrets with.

Spring Cleaning

It's time to dust off those tired notions of what is news. News is bending to revision as the last word can always be updated to include new news. Speculators and conspiracists will keep hope alive that someway a better truth about 9/11 will shine a light in the shadows of the musty history.

Stray Within the Lines

Children draw the darnedest things.

Volcano Watch

The attack on the World Trade Center was akin to volcanic eruptions... we know they will happen, we just can't say when.

Fast Forward 2019

From the look of this merchant, september 11 was a long time ago and safe for trivialization.

News Grows Up in Smoke

Things are not always what they seem, and certainly what we are lead to believe is often not quit accurate nor complete.


Next week we'll report on the crisis with sticky Gook in the Gulf, and finally a local feel-good story to soften the real bad news.

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