Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palin = psychobabble tea

Pain in the Palin

Mirror mirror,
At the Mall,
Who is the Fringiest of them,
You'all !

The swamp does funny things to people... but the tundra really does a job.

Accidentally tuned into the Tea Peoples pow-wow on tee-vee while Sorry Palin warble on like the teacher in Charley Brown. Lawd all mighty, the way the lady from Alaska rants, it is no wonder why she is the darling of the disgruntled conservative fruit-cake bowel movement schmearing american town halls and airwaves.

White Noise - Antimatters

I hear them making lots of noise but can't really put my finger on what all the hoo-haw is about.
These are the same folk who warship Glenn 'hockey-puck' Beck.
All i can figure is they are:
1. racists
2. sexists
3. racists

They Hate Us For Our Power

Well, in their own words from 04 "we won, you lost, get over it"

Sharks with Friggin Laser Beams

The Teed-off Party is whipping itself up into a frothy pungent lather of discontent smothered in reagan-centric dilution. Whatever...

A Brazilian Dollars For Your Thoughts

There will be no health insurance reform, there will be no campaign finance reform, there will be no wall street reform, no environmental reform, no end to endless war...

Just lots of screaming obstructionist and 99 trillion dollars flushed down the toilet.

If Sarah Palin would fix Haiti, I might vote for her, but she will have to sweet-talk me in creole.


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