Monday, February 15, 2010

all the presidents people

Happy George Washington's Birthday To Every Who in Whoville.

Tunnel of Laws

I feel sorry for the presidents. They may get to be the commander-in-chief of our armed forces but as leaders of the executive branch, they work for the citizenry. 'cept now they work for corporations.

Pentagone Fishin'

from the WSJ:

U.S. and Afghan commanders braced for stiffer Taliban resistance and ramped up the public-relations effort as U.S.-led forces pushed ahead with a major offensive into the southern Afghan town of Marjah.

The coalition said at least 15 Afghan civilians have been killed since the operation kicking off the U.S. surge began Saturday, but U.S. commanders said that toll hasn't cost them the ability to win local support.

Dumbo the President

All our presidents have had four or eight years to make peace on earth...

Endless War Game

...but they never do.


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