Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do the Bus Stop

Willy Czonka Wonka Weekend

It's game-time in the swamp.
Who doesn't know that the Superbowl is in town... followed by the BoatShow.
These two mega-events bring hordes of tourist to South Florida. The Bowl is our nations big gambling day, stakes are high and so are the visitors here to ppaarteee. The boatshow is a maritime clusterflub of wet suits and dry martinis. Both leave a trail of excess and pillow taxes.

MDX Mess

This welcome PSA banner shows fans in full war-paint ready to root-toot for their team.
Many visitors come here by car vs airplane. For many locals it's just a big pain in the ah whatever.

What the Fork?

GPS may know where you are but where the rubber meets the tar, FDOT is know for sending mixed signals.

Sit Down, Take a Load of Your Feet

The road people are quick to clean up scenes like this, another in my series of Bust Stop Crash Scenes. Your average wait for a bus in metro dade is 30 minutes.

Good Sports

But don't worry about reckless drivers or hungry haitians.
Have a great game and don't loose your shorts.


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