Saturday, May 26, 2012

it's Worth it

Driving I-95 is a harried experience to be certain.  If you do not go 30 miles over the 55mph speed limit, you are liable and look pretty stupid slow among the cluster flub of luxury sedans and jalopies that clutter the teflon highway.  Going north from the magic shity there are plenty of exits, all of which promise predictable SoFla attractions.

One such exit is Lake Worth in Palm Beach County.  There you will quickly find yourself in a quintessential sleepy town sulking in sub-tropical slumber. There is the classic alpine christian chapel.

There is certainly a Town Hall in Ponce DeLeon Mediterranean Revival style.

There is often a town square in the shaded canopy of old leaf making Banyans.

And of course every affluent place has to have a contempo art museum...

... and several other nondescript establishments.

There is often nearby the endangered and charming general store...

... and the obligatory jewish deli offering an affordable lunch and excellent cole slaw.

Upon approaching the waterways, there is often a draw-bridge resembling 9-11 and backing up motoring traffic for blocks and blocks to allow for a single solitary sailboat to traverse. 

And of late there is desperately the making of a casino to spur the sputtering local economy. 

There are seashores of really really cool retro condos built by cubans and mexicans for northern retirees. 

And there is ample alphabetical evidence of the demographic.


The scale of Lake Worth Florida is charming, tolerable and manageable.  It is a place resembling a sanity that is lost on todays Miami and vicinity.

Be it the Keys, Lake Worth or Coco Beach, This peninsula is resplendent with opportunity. 
That is why we live here.  Like the surfing analogy goes;  wade for the perfect wave, catch it and ride it to the shore.

Curious that after an hours drive at 80 mph, the shoreline there is no different than here.
Conclusion being the beach is beautiful, accessible and abundant all up and down the Florida coast. And that is swampy.


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