Wednesday, May 23, 2012

define swampy

The swamp is a place where one can descend a staircase in the nude and no one else would notice.

It is a place that has made me dislike the beautiful color orange,  now the color of hazard and ditch diggers.

The swamp is a place where seemingly nothing happens... then whamo 'progress' is right next door.

It is a place where riveting metal topiary from mars invade the placid panorama.

The swamp is a place of opportunity, unless you are waiting for the bus.

It is a place that beacons us to go outside, then rush back into the air conditioned comfort.

The swamp is a giant mocha dumpster filled with luxury minded transients. 

Is it over? Swampy hell No.

Not when you can find such amusing signs of life.

Would you put your car repair in these hands?

Would you park your ride in this building?

Would you please send us more bumper stickers.

The swamp is a place on the go; and when the going gets tough the tough go all in; sink, stove and fridge.

This is a place where the price of gasoline at the pump make some folk combust spontaniously.

The swamp is a place where hidden gems are just under the old oak tree.

Around the corner there is a blooming flock of birds through a ceiling of alabaster.

Here is the color of coincidence; and it is vibrant.

The swamp is primed for reformation, but it will come only those whose eyes are watching.

A wild animal is a wondrous thing that commands respect. 

The swamp is wild with a contagious creative process.

It sprouts from rooftops without intent or calculation.

The swamp is a premium wealth of glistening sunlight stuccoed on subtropical sophistication.

It is a place where luxury is born again.

The swamp is a place where yesterday is packaged for tomorrow.

It is a place where folk obey the right of way in an open carry stand your ground sort of way.

The swamp is a place of abundant necessity.

It is a place summed up in few words.

The swamp is blinding luscious in the shadows.

So why does a plastic bag from Apple decompose twice as fast as a Publix bag?

The answer to this and other vexing questions may be found at the new deluxe swampspace.


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