Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Studio 54 Street

revenge of the electric car?

Driving towards the setting sun along North West 54th Street is a sobering ride up and down a slice of the swamp.

The concrete underpass at the highway on NW seventh avenue is flagged by mammoth billboard structures that dwarf all other man-made things in sight. 

 accept all major credit cards

But soon we are swept into a landscape of muchkin nonchitecture that is downright humbling and bewildering.  


Pink and Green

Chinese OOD

Stairway to Upstairs

Members Only

Package for Ala Answer 

back it up like a tonka truck


Red, White and God

Contemporary Nonchitecture 

Taking a drive along any of the many side-roads that typify the south florida underbelly, one is quickly confronted with graphic proof that we are in fact a disgruntled developing nation in the grips of a corporate economic stranglehold unfolding. 



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  1. That gas station in the first pic is actually on Biscayne and thus NE 54th Street (just south of Soyka). It's getting remodeled, hopefully it's a lot nicer than it was. They are painting a mural on the Biscayne side of it now.