Saturday, April 21, 2012

the 4.1.1 on 4.20

While Floridians languish in a laughable and contrived swamp laden with antiquated notions of civility as defined by grumpy old lawmakers in their state legislature, folk in other states are leading the way to a better place where cannabis possession laws are decriminalized and medical marijuana is available to the needy.  A quick wiki-search shows just how things are progressing along the green-brick highway.

Of the sixteen states that have made bodacious gains in responding to what 80% of americans want, California can be singled out as a leader in the movement to end the War On Drugs. Since the days of olden when HighTimes was the new NORMAL and Ed Rosenthal gave way to Steve Hager,  a moment of silence for Dick Clark is just the spark to twist this post along.

The time is ripe... and so is the indica sativa hybrid.

On this recent visit to the salad bowl of america, I found some surprising treats and some disappointing dreams.  The rash of medical marijuana dispensaries is a welcome sign and the Bronze of Willie Nelson is apropos , but call me old fashioned for being a bit uneasy about legalizing Everything ala Amsterdam.  Perhaps legalizing pot and prostitution is just the thing to get SOBE back on the map.

420 is much more than a number and icon commemorating the age old cloud of spiritual enlightenment that is released each and every time cannabis smoke fills the air. 
FourTwenty is practically a National Holiday. 

There is a Cali version of the infamous cuban restaurant Versailles in Miami Little Havana where cafesito weary can get a shot of cuban blood without all those peculiar castro-hating repub-luving geezer blowhards crowding around. There is also a building that resembles a cafesito maker.

Much is free in the west coast. free love, free hot tubs, free brunch but no free air according to this sign at the flat fix gas station.

A food truck serving Flaco Tacos rolls along the very swampy La Cienega Boulevard in Culver City.

A native offers our AVAF friend a baby chihuahua with her happy meal.

Creaming, Kenny Scharf shows us how his 1959 Cadillac Coup Deville hoop da ride is the epitomy of Finism.

On this 420 O'12 can we chill and trade the War on Drugs for the War on Thugs?


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