Monday, December 5, 2011

Where's Santa

Forget our worries and woe, tis the season to be filled with hot air. Not surprisingly the shopping season has got off to a rather deflated start as economic inflation gives way to consumer recession with GDP stagflation and, for some folk, down right 30's style depression.

Rejoice, praise and pass the potpourri. For many in their darkest hour dreams of a white christmas can be brought back for an encore performance. From little miracles things do turn around making bellies warm and cheeks rosy merry and bright.

Such is Mr. Lucky fiberglass Santa of Surfside that has been remastered and restored with a shiny new coat of red enamel.

The season of rebirth is much more than shiny packages or mangy vignettes and gurgly egg nog. Christams is a time to reflect on the madness of our making; to reconsider, reconcile and embrace contentedness.

Scrooge be gone, Christmas is a time to remember 9/10.


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