Sunday, December 25, 2011

Me Firsters

Wrapping up the Christmas extravaganza, it is time again to reconstruct the recent events of another year gone by. The good news is not just Christians love Christmas. Every denomination seems to be enthralled with the jubilee of Giving and Receiving, the practice of good consumerism. For the haves, it's a great time to have more; Chinese food.

But for the have nots it is a time to re-load the story of Ebenezer Scrooge by Charles Dickens. It is a time for common folk to accept humility and dream on.

For every Tiny Tim and every Who in Whoville, the days surrounding the Winter Solstice is the time of the year to reflect on one's own place in the grand scheme of things.

In bland form, I too have a dream, but it is not of a white christmas. It is of a mountain top barren, worn and waiting for a day that defies expectation. At the bottom of the hill we can see a great monument to a dirty secret scrubbed clean beyond recognition.

We don't need any bricks and bottles. We don't need any Molotov cocktails. We just need to go around to these stores, and to these massive industries in our country, and say, "God sent us by here, to say to you that you're not treating his children right. And we've come by here to ask you to make the first item on your agenda fair treatment, where God's children are concerned. Now, if you are not prepared to do that, we do have an agenda that we must follow. And our agenda calls for withdrawing economic support from you. MLK

Who among us does not lust for a flat screen television, or our very own personal nuke...

... or absolute awesome power. The same power your neighbor enjoys seemingly without external cost.

In this season of indulgence, why not embrace equality for all?

Well, because that would upset the balance of power.


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