Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sustenance Soirre

Gastronomic! Babay

At the INVENTORY Show "Objects of Desire" in Miami's Design District, one can nourish the mind with a sampling of delectable artworks by a cornucopia of locals including Victor Muñiz and Michelle Weinberg. There are some intriguing pieces to enjoy and digest or dissect at the scheduled panel discussions.

Animal Farm

Of particular note is the perfectly swampy work of Paloma Teppa. Perfect because they are our segway to the tenth annual SOBE Wine and Food Festival. With mouthwatering anticipation that compliment thoughts of culinary indulgence, this year's gorge-fest featured the art of sustenance. If you could stomach the $350. per person crowd, the multiple events were the gluttons' dreams come true.

2011 a Smoker Odyssey

With all the burners on full blast, one big event was behind the Delano. BubbleQ (champaign and barbeque of all things) featured over 30 chefs and restaurants from across this satisfied and overweight nation.

When it comes to nutritious food preparation, I say, "eat local, refrigerate and devour everything".

Food Face

Who can transform modern sculptures into an omnivore's dream BBQ?
Who is the cook extraordinairre that welds his own stoves?
Well, Jason Hedges of course.
This iron chef has been pleasing the optics and palettes of Miami's artist community for seasons. Hedges can take the heat and come up cooling, with some of the most interesting interactive and spontaneous gastronomic events known to the art of munching.

Hedges may be the saucier of the swamp, but there is another kitchen magician that taste connoisseurs recognize from the mass culture food channel.

A word from our sponsor

It is Under the Tuscan Gun, seen here on Lincoln Road endorsing Mrs. Swampthing's legendary Min Treats Oatmeal Cookies. Only the bestest "Guilt Free" snack in the world !


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