Sunday, February 27, 2011

Labor vs Capital

Pigeon Park

Here are some scenes from Saturday's Support Workers Rally at Bayfront Park downtown Miami. Thanks to the organizers at Move On for staging this nationwide show of solidarity with the people of Wisconsin who are on the front line of the republican lead assault on workers unions. The GOP wants to bust all unions but their focus is on public employees. We are talking about the collective bargaining rights of police officers, school teachers and yes even the score of petty bureaucrats who make up the government of "we the people".

Torch Song

The event took place at the Torch of Friendship Memorial site honoring the continued cooperation among US and certain other countries of this hemisphere. Friendship is an illusive thing when it comes to national cooperation. Some would say "keep your friend close and keep your enemies in the closet.

Listen Up People

Defending the hard earned right of workers, public and private, should be a no brainer. Everyone should know by now corporate welfare make the bosses and shareholders wealthy beyond their need and greed. The corporate special interest's buying of politicians is not only easy, it is done in the sunshine with the blessing of the supreme court while workers struggle to keep the crumbs we scrape off the banquet table.

2 houses, one hotel

Mr. Monopoly explains why it is so important to get off the couch, put on your war-paint and take to the streets with an active participation in our government. Simply put, if you don't pass GO, don't expect $200.

Age of Aquarius

There were few people there under 30. This mature couple expressed concern for the lack of activism in young america. I told them young people are taking a wait-n-see attitude. While the old are waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop, the young are busy deciding what shoes to wear to the revolution.

You don't need a BFA to understand and/or create political art.

This is my favorite photo, Granny Get Your Helmet.

Fine ladies with floppy hats have a message for you.

This are the faces of what republicans would have us believe are the greyest threat to america.

Never too old to participate in the great american tradition of civil disobedience.

Your Honor, Labor Precedes Capital

The guy on the right is our brown knight, but many honestly have little faith in the establishment to do the left's thing. The guy on the right looks allot like a neighbor who used to parade around sporting purple velour jogging suits while munching on a cannoli back in the '80s when i lived in Brooklyn.


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