Tuesday, September 14, 2010

recession proof

Flier Flies

These fine ladies fluttered into the Swampspace Gallery last saturday night with their usual pamphletering. While the nightlife in South Florida is only interrupted by the blinding daylight, the blistering bogus business of a messy metropolis slugs along.

Paradise Framed

The whole nine yards of concrete are getting poured into forms that interrupt the swampscape.
In some ways an economic depression can be a good thing when the brakes are put on progress. much of the construction going on was planned and spent before the bubble burst. The show must go on...

Stimulus Gumbo

Little Haiti is finally getting homogenized with more endless roadwork and a continuity code for store-fronts. Good luck with that.

Bastion of Barons

Indian Creek Island is tearing up the road at its bridge entrance for no apparent reason other than to justify expenditures from slush funds.

Make Good Fences

North Bay Village is spending some of its revenue from the Red Light Scameras that have been extorting wads of cash from the motoring public. The irony is that they planted palms that block the traffic camera's line of sight.


The sidewalk and curb along N.E. Second Avenue were completely tore up and replaced for no apparent reason. Bay Harbor Island also is trashing all their sidewalks and replacing with bricks for no apparent reason.

Old is New Again

This historic building on Biscayne Bay near the Omni is the old Flagler Fashion School that was built before air-conditioning was invented. looks like it is being rehabilitated.

Jazz Hands

Rather nice mural in otherwise tumbleweed Wynwood.

Slippery When Texting

Car wreck on the teflon highway. Why can't Miamians drive in the rain, cheesus!

Rail Light

Disney style monorail will connect Miami Airport to some other isolated car-centric place, not quite sure.

Why Not Write

Back down in the hood there is an empassioned yet cryptic PR campaign for social justice.

The More Things Change

Someone once said about the swamp, "only the faces change". Maybe so, but change is a tired thing by now, particularly when you like the way things are. That's when i get very conservative.


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