Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Pains

Same Old World

It is a well kept secret that labor precedes capital. Without the muscle there is no hustle. This fact is not lost on the titans of industry, multinational corporations and one-world elite who strong-arm unions and insidiously muddy the message to assure that the balance of power is tacked for their profit. Capital's contempt for Labor is proof enough that without the worker the boss has no job in the new world order.

Since the building of the great pyramids of Egypt the pharaoh understood the need to keep workers content, they gave them beer. More recently, after much unrest and bloodshed, president Grover Cleveland declared a national holiday to honor the lowly workers that built this great nation. Without them there would be no development, no progress, no fortunes. His gesture defused unrest and assured that the other 364 days of the year would be productive.

Then and Now

Not much changes in the work ethic.
A virtuous worker has always gotten the job done regardless of the compensation. Other less dignified workers will look for ways to game the system to get something for nothing. One is motivated by a sincere willingness to be contribute to the union, the other by sly self-serving contempt for humanity.

The Ultimate Resource

The human resource is largely untapped. When will we get with the program and lift humanity out of the dumb-age? When will capital temper its Darwinian impulse of predatory capitalism with compassion and social relevance? A quick look around makes it clear that a living wage for most of the worlds workers will not come any time soon.

Down-Time Deferred

For some of our most dedicated workers there is no time off from their job.
The rewards come not in a paycheck or long weekend, but in the form of honor from service to country. The front-lines may be a dusty outpost or a moldy office cubical, both are valid so long as the mission is for the betterment of civilization. Doing no harm is more than just a job, it is the guiding principal in considering any employment.

Now Not Hiring

With the unemployment numbers at stratospheric heights, the economy talking a double dip and the dollar in the dump, keep your head above the water line and figure out a way to get your overhead down. Keep in mind that there must be better times ahead, its the only prospect we have for now.

Official Humor

So on this celebration of Labor remember the boss is always right, to the left of center.


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