Saturday, October 10, 2009

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on Obama, Cuba and the Nobel Prize

The Currency of Ideas

The notion that an award is granted on the merit of ones accomplishments is understandable.

So it is apropos that the cuban-american community recognize president obama for relaxing restriction among neighbors, for the promise of reconciliation.

To Coin a Phrase...

History is written by the winners.

" patria o muerte"

The photoshop generation would like to thank the president for polishing our image towards enhanced hemispheric relations.

Where's the Beef?

The American people would like to thank the president and his administration for attempting to restore our rightful place in the world stage.

First Lady Visit to the Freedom Tower in Miami

News at eleven.

Hoboken N.J. Class of 1977

There are two kinds of Cube-Ams, miami and hoboken, NY.

Greetings from Florida

The manatee would like to thank the president for representing Hope and Change.

...and kenny's sideshow gets the last word...

...The psyop at this stage is centered upon Obama, elevating the man (who has been groomed for this his entire life by the agents of the empire) to the highest possible human position, the role of “Messiah.” The theme of “Obama the Messiah” has been played-up in every media, accentuating his dual racial and national heritage and portraying him as the great “bridge” between cultures, races and nations. This theme has been carried to its most absurd extreme in the form of the Nobel Peace Prize, which he was given for reading all the pretty-sounding words that flow across his teleprompter screen...


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