Saturday, October 3, 2009

american carnival

Part-Time Lawn Ornaments Needed

It appears the spending season is just around the corner with Halloween fast approaching followed by turkey day then new years. With it all comes the added pleasure of having to spend and stuff. So we here are curious as to how is your Holiday Fund going? Is you budgetary be strained?

Saturday Morning Food Bank.

It is becoming abundantly clear that for more and more folk prospects are grim. There will be no extra cash for celebrating. There are few treats to be had, instead there is plenty of coping with the tricks of an ailing society. All i can say is "please help someone less fortunate, anyway you can".

A waste is a terrible thing to mind.

Some folk believe everyone can "pick their selves up" somehow. They try to bludgen us with misguided notions espoused by eliminationists loud-mouths like Glum Beck, Rush Limpbauh and Bull O'Reilly. This candid of a demonstrator from the recent 'million' wrong Republican protest on Obamishtan, DC begs the question, 'what will you be for halloween?'

I Like Ribbons.

The four cardinal questions this holiday season are: Who can you Help? What will you Do to Help? When will you Start to Help Someone? Where will you Go to Help Others?

Uncle Joe's Cruddy Fried Chicken

With the full moon of Octoberfest comes the tally of the annual harvest. With halloween comes the new year of the occult. With scoobie doo affection a big shout out to pal Joey Arias, entertainer and humanitarian. Feliz Apio Verde.


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  1. Hello all:
    As stated at a recent Commission Meeting, Our 'good' Commissioner Weinberg thinks the library on 75th street is just as 'close' as the Town's library on 93rd street for many of our Town's residents. While NOT being correct on this - he continues to 'open the window' to his thought process (or lack thereof) - being, it is NOT simply which library is closer??? Especially, when you consider that this man has children!! We can - the Town can - we must - do better than this caliber of thought.
    Closing the Library due to money - loss of former C Ctr. - that's one thing - but, his VERY LAME argument...that's something else!!
    Always keep in mind that his thought process, or lack of, got us to this point - demolishing a Community Center, Pool and Library without a plan to build and finance a replacement Center.
    So, we got exactly what he - Howard Weinberg said: 'If they don't (they meaning us) want to vote for a new Center - then, they'll just have an empty lot.'

    Preliminary findings:

    1. Surfside Park on 96th St. to 93rd St. entrance to Town Hall = 5/10 mile or about 3 blocks.
    2. Surfside Park on 96th St. to 75th street library = 2.1 miles (via Byron ave. to 75th street - left at 75th to Collins and library.) Approx. 23 blocks away.

    3. Distance from the Dead end Biscaya Dr. on "Biscaya Island" to 93rd St. library: 1.3 mile Approx or 13 blocks away.
    4. Distance from the dead end of "Biscaya Island" to the 75th St. library = 1.7 or Approx 23 bocks away.
    Note: The dead end on Biscaya Drive, on “Biscaya Island” is the extreme – in theory, I believe one would not use either extreme: closest to and furthest from.