Friday, March 13, 2009

Spiral Saving Time

I used to take life "one day at a time" but lately time feels more like a spiraling continuum of numbered adventures. As the information age speeds things up to a dizzying frenzy, the world as we know it leases many numb with the overwhelming dribble of stuff that matters little.

The long weekend, destination Galapagos.

If we hearken back to a time and place where nature prevailed, the keen observers will tell you that life on earth, indeed the entire physical universe as we know it works in a circular model. This is to say nothing is waisted. All things perish and become nourishment for new life. Be it in a day or millennium the operative word is continuum.

Venus Why Trap, about to swallow.

The material world is not always kind to humans; it is inhospitable and downright menacing. But we have managed to convince ourselves that the epic balance is to be tilted in our favor, with contempt and arrogance we profess our dominance, nature be dammed.

Ussef Yesterday, Tom Today and Terry Tomorrow.

We build a world from scratch that suits our immediate needs and call it progress. All be it with good intentions we stumble along with the grind of desperation to get beyond survival.
The conquest of nature is unattainable.

Where the rubber meets the permafrost.

Problem is the progress we have made is linear. It is based on a one directional course, a path that is inconsistent with the big laws of time and space. We are stewing in a growth model that is unsustainable, a world built on the decay of dinosaurs. A once perfect world we have sullied and laced with lethal radioactive plutonium. With cars, computers and callousness, we are poisoning the very systems that sustain us.


For the few fortunates it would appear that we have arrived at that magical place where we prevail over nature. Technology is evolving in leaps and bounds. At some point (we've arrived) flesh mortals will become expendable. The information age will usher in a new kind of ice age... a heartless re-chargeable world revolving on our ashes.


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