Thursday, March 19, 2009

Failing Upwards

The "pyramid scheme" applied to the wall... fabulously.

As an "artists artist" I am deep into the fine art world/industry and all the who-haw that goes with it. As a parent of an aspiring young artist, I try to provide good mentoring and council for tomorrows pool of talent. Though jobs in the arts may be scarce, it is important to keep a sunny disposition. There is no shortage of talent out there. But it becomes increasingly difficult when the art establishment is permeated with people who honestly convince themselves that certain seasoned art is more valid than students' work. With little to loose, let us step on some big toes.

Entry level art school... or celebrated blue-chip?
You be the judge, jury and executioner.

Student art project... or five digit auction thing-a-majig?
A perfect WTF moment.

Best in show... or just another WTF throw-up?
Be nice to fragile youngsters when critiquing .

If you 'scrabble' these letters... they might spell out "Big Yawn" with W T and F left over.

This is actually a very nice painting. Please make more of same.

And now for the moment of truth, the revelation that comes as no surprise.
All the above is the work of Richard Tuttle. I'm sure he is a perfectly nice person, but given the critical acclaim reserved for the very best and brightest, Tuttle has one more thing to master. The ability to command an audience with words, the art of orality.

The artist/corporate hybrid look is WTF fashion-perfect. Love the artzy types, but do not have sex with anyone over 40 that is dressed like that.

Here in the Miami the swamp is muddied with a multicolored flatness that is Britto art in public places. Our 'common folk' are not supposed to understand the presumed seriousness of Tuttle-esque artwork, but their tax dollars continue to fund local public arts institutions like MAM. Go figure.


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