Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Doin' Ma Job

this sign says it all, bureaucracy is void of common sense.
Back in the good old days, some parking authorities used "meter-maids" to help the motoring public get used to the shock of new parking meters- where there once were none.
Not long ago one could park just about anywhere in Miami, for free. Today the motoring public is all but silent as we slide down the slippery slope of an ever diminishing quality of life, one sitation at a time. People can't help but take notice of the aggressive grab for cash by the local parking authority's "you deserve this ticket" attitude. This agency exists less for the public good than to serve itself- the courts are treadmills for humiliation. Bottom line is local communities, trendy hoods in particular, are a targeted for the generating of another revenue stream for big gov, technology and authoritarian follower types do the grunt-work. swamp calls it legalized extortion.

Here is one dude who not only has the insiders take on how miami meter-maids tic but he also has garnered the ire of "the hand that fed him" using some petty web domain savy annoyance.

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