Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FPL Black-outloud

I was in NYC for the great Black-Out of 1979 and 2003, they were awesome.
But today's power outage in miami was kind of a dud. One nature's pranks, a freak tornado... right? If you read between the lines, news reports call it an "unannounced event" a "practice drill" emergency plans worked like clock-work.

Brings back memories of the 2003 California black-out that got the ever-clever Greg Palast to write about the deregulated electrical industry... by candle-light.
"Power Outage Traced To Dim Bulb In White House"
"... It was like a committee of bank robbers figuring out how to make safecracking legal."

And here from a republican blog some relevent/scary FYI:
An FPL spokesman told BayNews9 that the outage occurred after FPL shut two reactors at its Turkey Point nuclear plant near Miami."

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