Sunday, March 10, 2013

blogger legend signs-off

For nearly decade the South Florida Daily Blog has been a mainstay of connectedness for a homely base of internet publishers and their mélange of readers residing in the swamp and beyond.  As the title suggests and with startling regularity the SFDB delivered daily comprehensive relevant analysis reflecting an anthropologic view of our strengths and weaknesses.  Furthermore the SFDB did a spanking job of watching the watchers in daily sifts of the mainstream media.  For those who favor the fun stuff, SFDB covered an encyclopedia of topics, from music to manure and sports to spaghetti.  One might say surely there is an office filled with geeks somewhere in Broward but the truth is the SFDB was the work of just one person with a near socratic understanding of how to best serve the swamp.

Congratulations to Rick.  

Take a well deserved respite from them darn computers.  


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