Wednesday, March 14, 2012

making Sh*t

NYC Pedicab Celeb Juan Carlos Rodriguez with the keen observer Tschida.

I'm not making this up, Anne Tschida local legend called me a Fabricator on the pages of the Biscayne Times. With a sharp pen and sapphire eyes on Miami's art scene, Tschida hammers it home with this bit of ink on the humble uncle O. A regular visitor to Swampspace Gallery, Anne recognizes the intimate unvarnished sophistication that lurks under the radar of predictable scripted art reporting in South Florida. Our wild wordsmith Tschida...! rhymes with cheetah.

Another regular visitor to swampspace is little Lily of Lil Muse Lily, a place inspired.



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  1. Oliver:

    I'm trying to contact you and you are a hard man to find. I'm a sculpture conservator, local (47th st), Cuban born and raised as well, left for LA years ago and am back in town. Could we meet for a coffee or drink sometime? I'm at 323 377-8425 or

    Like your blog alot. I write on the blog under the name SanSuzie.