Saturday, February 4, 2012

305 a Sense of Place

People who want to ride off into the sunset move to South Florida.

Some carbon-footprint conscious types peddle their way towards the sunset on weekends.

The me-firsters are unconcerned about the trail of emissions they leave behind.

The otherwise considerate are all too often in no big hurry to pick up after their doogies.

For some, 305 is a place to get down with the business of resort town trappings.

For a few it is a place of inspiration, no matter how bleek the urbanisation may be.

The swamp is actually a place of spontaneous combustion... or was that a cigabutt from the 33rd floor balcony.

Designed from the top/down on paper towels, Miami is a place best seen from a distance.

Having almost completely defoliated the tropics, experts and other planners are now busy (wink, wink) fixing things.

The rear view mirror tells the tale of a "progress" that is our burden for an indeterminate future that never arrives.

But at least we have places like this Peruvian joint to feast on mounds of fried calamari and beer.


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