Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Basel Briefs 2011

Making the Grade

It is not clear how exactly success is achieved during Art Basel Miami. It depends on who you ask, but a good yardstick measure criteria is just how swampy are you willing to get.

Chopper One

In the days before Basel, a private helicopter makes an elegant landing and heralds the coming exuberance of excess.

Art in Public Spaces

As if artistic interpretation did not abound, the reconstruction of a railroad along the Biscayne corridor in anticipation of future crowds.

Snap With a Twist

Last year , like every year for the past ten years, success for some is about who will take your picture. If it is Cyn Zarko or Patrick McMullan consistently then you are an A+ type.

Perennial Pink n Pinkier

How do you get a picture with these fixtures? Just ask with a smile...

Sans Cintas

To open doors and windows into the upper echelon of blue chip markets and parties, one will need to take out all the guns. Be it who you know, where you shop or even divulging secret information. Emilio Sanchez is my long lost cousin, Anais Nin is also a relation and Buckminster Fuller courted my grandmother in Havana.

Holy as Swiss Cheese

The Bucky Exhibition across from the heart of the Design District is a marvelous display of genius and melancholy.

Eleven Fingers... count'em.

The local chapter of the Allegory-Rich Kids Club earlier this year at Carol Jazar's.

Bob's Your Uncle

Robert Chambers at the Ping Pong Show in the Design District.

Chilling in the Hood

Congratulations to the originator Brook Dorsch and his 20 years in Wynwood.

DASH kids get a donation of american marble (aka styrofoam) compliments of the benevolent deep pockets of Locust Projects.

Please, do not mutilate the signage.

This is a wonderful art installation at an undisclosed location.

More art, i guess.

Before and After

A stark reminder of the need to take a hard look at what is sustainable in the swamp and this awesome video from Kerry McLaney's Independent Thinkers.

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