Thursday, November 19, 2009

Acid Green Growth

It is interesting to see just how much landscape planting is underfoot along the corridors of vehicular traffic in and around Metro Miami Dade. New York City is also going plant crazy. Here is an Elevated Green Space that is really charming with an urban splendor that is almost swampy.

US cities are not the only places going green. There is a town in Russia that has been taken over by nature. That is because nearly all the inhabitants have moved elsewhere. You see the town of Prypyat just happened to be downwind from Chernobyl. Who can forget that hot spot in the old red USSR.

There really is no one living there save for a few brave scraggly tour guides.

There are several points of attraction such as this memorial befitting those who got too close to the mushroom cloud.

Amusement park is closed...

...classrooms are empty.

Who among us could erase the memory of nuclear disasters such as Three Mile Island or Exxon Valdez and the ensuing mop-ups. Who could have predicted the sinking of the Titanic.
Who knew airplanes would fly into buildings.

Who among us is sold on the notion of safe nukes in our backyard.

How on earth will the swamp recover from our relentless onslaught at the hands of FPL.


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