Tuesday, August 11, 2009

miami 21 and over

View with a View.

Now that the much discussed Miami 21 proposal has been deep-sixed we can resume our normal programming. I wonder just how much was spent for the piles of expert opinions?

Port with No Purpose.

While the Port of Miami sits idle, politicians are pushing for a $taggering Tunnel Project that would take trucks out of sight for the scenic esplanade that is lower Biscayne Ghost Town.

Empire in the Swamp.

This Banskyesque image conjures thoughts of bigwigs blind to the destitute that surround them.

Hobbitat for Humanitat.

The Coconut Grove of my youth was an enigmatic and captivating place for a young artist eager to participate in the left of center old-urbanism that was the grove. Today, not so much.

Future Perrrrfect.

If this were the face for Miami 21 and this were the way we got around in Miami 21, then Miami 21 would have been an easy sell.

Where's the Door?

In or Out, once you commit to living in the swamp there really is no escape from the rampant backwardness beyond the confines of our luxurious lifestyles. No super-size blinders should obstruct a clear view of the inequitable swampscape.

Thinking Outside the House.

Folks, we gotta dig in and come to terms with the shortcomings of our town and country.
Turn off the TeeVee, get your shovels and dig this: our way of life is sub-standard, sub-tropical and fixable. But we should not reward the failures of our leadership with the usual hand-off.

It it Weren't Flat, Florida would be Fabulous.

Miami is like the movie Matrix Reloaded: All Tricks, No Exit, Repeat. Most people are OK with that.

Miami Nice.

Local Yokel warming up to 'Lobbyist Friend' at Pharrell's Crib.


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  1. A great collection of futuristic photos! I love the hairstyle!