Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Post-Information Era Begins Now

Posted Tidings for 2013

I have not posted since you know when,
who knows when I'll do it again.
Not from lack of spark or desire,
but because I have caught an ire.
To vex on the state of what's swampy,
has been a grandiose thumpy.
To wax on the age of information,
has been futile retaliation.
To delve deep lucid and snarky,
has resulted in logic malarkey.
To lay bare my most secret indignation,
has been an instructive sensation.
To refrain from self adulation,
is now welcome aberration.
To continue the habit to publish,
will most certainly lead to more rubbish.
Some would be please to see swampstyle deleted,
but so long as there's new years, I won't be defeated.

Oh yes, and groogle wants me to start paying for storage...


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