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the world as it is

The stupidity of the corporate state is that it thought it could dispense with the liberal class. It thought it could shut off that safety valve in order to loot and pillage with no impediments. Corporate power forgot that the liberal class, when it functions, gives legitimacy to the power elite. And the reduction of the liberal class to silly courtiers, who have nothing to offer but empty rhetoric, meant that the growing discontent found other mechanisms and outlets. Liberals were reduced to stick figures, part of an elaborate pantomime, as they acted in preordained roles to give legitimacy to meaningless and useless political theater. But that game is over.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy the Sofa

Easy To Look At

The people of Chile got a bonus from their grievances with the status quo, they got Camila Vallejo, Latin America's 23-year-old new revolutionary folk hero.

PreDisposed to DisObey

But a social revolution does not need a face. A revolt of the masses is rarely vertical, there is no 'top to bottom' structure, there is no center, only sentiment, righteousness vs just plain wrong.
The American public is poised to prevail in this class struggle because anonymity has found its power.

God Bless Anarchy

Obama is scrambling in his encampment as we watch the death pangs of capitalism.

What is the Tea Party and OccupyWallSt? Both seem to detest plutocracy but teabaggers adore hierarchy and order, anarchists reject authority.

Why rely on mainstream media for information when they have proven time and again to be instruments of propaganda, disinformation and omission of what is really happening in your very own town.

In Chicago the arrogant One Percenters seem to think this is all some kind of joke. Like Marie Antoinette before them, what a rude and overdue awakening the Oligarch will have when the champaign goes flat.

My Cardboard will Beat Your Billboard

White Shirt = Brown Shirt

The truth is not hard to find, but you gotta open your eyes. From the agent provocateur in DC's Air and Space mayhem to the assault and unlawful arrest of hundreds of non-violent protesters by double dipping law enforcement officers, the truth today is in your i-phone.

The Anti-Rush

Some say everything is changing... except Ed Shultz is nothing new. He has been fighting the good fight for sometime. The time is right for the left to lead. Good riddance to Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Palin and their misguided cohorts.

Arab Spring, European Summer, American Fall...

Rise up better than ever, but not before more hurt.