Thursday, July 26, 2012

parque central

In this final installment of adventures in NYC, we examine familiar themes such as the cracked concrete of endless roadwork,  the new urbanization of places and why Miami does not have a Central Park.  

Not all crack is wack. Twenty five years ago Keith Haring painted this mural with a simple message that saved many lives but sadly not Gary Webb.  Today the NYC Parks Department maintains the artwork as a testament to the genius of Haring and street art.

Alongside the old there is a new NewYork that is actually rather swampy.
In this post 9/11 bigger pricier apple there is an underworld steeped in party,  managed perception and of course real estate.

In this 24/7 town a SevenEleven on the Bowery is not open quit enough hours.

In this subterranean world of mobility, all subways and squirrel trails lead to Central Park. 

Ahhh, Central Park thanks to Fredrick Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, New Yorkers and visitors have a considerable chunk of real estate to enjoy even when parcels are closed for renovation.


On any given Sunday there is a flurry of activity like strollers, sun worshipers, cyclists, pedicabs, horse and buggy rides, jugglers, googlers and vendors.  From any vantage point or park bench, Central Park is a symphony of lesure as if the world had turned into a norman rockwellian jehovah's witness illustration.

 Obey the laws of ranger squirrel ...

A free concert on the summer stage...

All the way from Benin, the African sounds of Orchestre Poly-Rythmo...

All the way from the Bronx,  a truck dedicated to all things Roller Skates...

Glad to report the roller skating scene that was woven into the fiber of central park back in the late seventies is alive and well in 2012.

A nitty gritty folk ensemble entertains a crowd of nerdy white ears...

Swampy Fields lush and resplendent adjacent to the bloody Dakota remind visitors of the one and only John Lennon who gave his life so we could venerate him.

Not quite what i imagined, another memorial to Señor Beatles.  

Miami's own Danny Santiago's promotional advertisement gets photoshoped.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

i read a book once...

Invites You to

The Halls Ways
a Novel
Book Party
Tony Kapel

Opening July 21
7- 10 pm

150 NE 42 Street
Miami Design District


Sunday, July 15, 2012

I heart (attack) NY

Apartment hunting in NYC is a harrowing misadventure.  Thanks in no small part to the collapse of the world economy at the hands of criminal banksters,   realestating in the rotten apple is not the least bit swampy.

With the exploitation of higher education and corporate mindset of universities, schools such as Columbia U are the key players that define neighborhoods.   In the vicinity of NYU the demand for student housing is so great that landlords are charging 36,000. dollars a year for what can only be describes as a 400 square foot shit-hole.

 On the plus side,  neighborhood that were festering with muggers, rapists and crack heads are now over-populated with white chicks shedding their middle class inhibitions, studying, partying and riding bicycles on freshly painted paths.

 Just don't park your bike on the street for too long.

There is no poetry in the greed fueled grab by slumlords such as Jakobson and others who dominate the market.

 But there is an eternal poetry of life in the city.  On uber busy Broadway, a work crew enjoys a quick game of poker under the shade of a truck.

 Else where, two enterprising fellas find employment in what they do best, street art for corporate branding. Oh the irony.  

Near Orchard street, decrepit emigrant businesses give way to fabulous art galleries.

On Houston street, a decade of road construction is offset by wild indigenous murals.

 In Washington Square Park, you can no longer by nickel bags of weed but you can take a public siesta without getting pick-picketed.

 The art of desperation is evident in this charming scene of recyclable sustainability.

 Curious sign in Chinatown.

In a post 911 NY there is ample employment opportunity, but not for the faint-hearted.

 Strong-hold on third avenue, the hell's angels enjoy a brick and mortar respectability.

I sorely need a beer from the incomparable McSorley's.

 This young lady may have read up on FEMEN on her way to a date with an amused NYPD.

 Naturally New York is THE place for get your fill of "contemporary art" at The Hole.

Enough for now. Suffise to say my beloved big apple is an EyeOpener.
Can't wait to get back to the Big Orange...


Monday, July 9, 2012

Go Heat

The swamp is a steaming caldron of animal, vegetable, mineral...

Summer is here and people are screaming Go Heat ! %&$#?...  I say go get some A/C.  The rains are a welcome drenching but then we are in an evaporating puddle of tropical proportions.  The news says it is hotter than Haiti from Key West to Maine.   Relax and seek swampy shades of green canopies to sip refreshments and gulp at menus.  Avoid all tar and concrete if possible.  Summer in the swamp is the opposite of winter in Antartica. 

A parking lot under 24 hour surveillance near Wynwood ... 

One man's eyesore is another man's art.

Foot-loose on a warehouse wall...

Save your seats at Sun Set seat covers...


Hot and Jazzy corner club at high noon...

Shuttered homes are definitely NOT swampy...


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of YoU LiE

On this Fourth of July we are once again reminded of our independence from the king and of bombs bursting in mid air...

I am reminded of 9/11 as the key to much of what is wrong today.

It is wrong that Dick Cheney is still smiling.

It is wrong that Liberal is a four letter word.

It is wrong that soldiers play with real munitions as if playing some kind of virtual game.

It is wrong to look Forward without looking Back.

It is kinda wrong to have drones the size of daffodils looking down on us.

Fascism is corporate wrongness.

Jesus the gun lover is wrong.

This is so wrong,  it's right.

Not much remains of bin Laden's Wrong Place to hang out. 

Wrong to think drone technology will go away.

Showing all the right connections was a Wrong for Mark Lombardy and Gary Webb.

Now everybody knows the Right was Wrong

Wrongspeak is Rightspeak

War from the comfort of your fortified bunker is wrongish.

Very right head gear for a Fourth of July

All war is Wrong

 right summer reading list

Wrong to think our independence is a done deal.