Friday, February 27, 2009

Begin at Benin

The thoroughly amusing work of Mali photographer Malick Sibide is on display at the Wolfgang Roth Gallery in the Design District. Sibide's work is culturally anthropological in nature. As a recipient of the distinguished Hasselblad Award and Venice Biannale's Golden Lion Award for lifetime achievement, Sibide's work offers an easy primer for the education of those not yet familiar with the captivating charm of all things African.

Malick's work alone is worth a visit but there is more amazing gems of Africana to enjoy.
This world-class show is a DON'T MISS.

The show features traditional bronzes from Benin. If you ever tried to smelt metal or extract bronze from buckets of earth then you know it ain't easy. The objects on display are sublimely beautiful and totally African. The style is distinct and undeniable, the craftsmanship superb.

Also of interest is a rich selection of the work by legendary Leni Riefenstahl the nazi film maker, chocolate lover, scuba diving granny. Her photos are also amazing images from an Africa that is probably forever lost in the modern world. She is the go-to gal for soft-erotic images of "jungle-bunnies" and "black-as-night-savages".

photo not related...
but nakedly very telling of the Germany of Riefensthal's youth.

It's a Lonnnnnng Way back to Berlin. Leni trolled the dark continent in search of talent to document the beauty in the eye of the beholder of the cradle of civilization.

There must have been allot of dust-shaking going on for the darling from deutschland.

She had to dive pretty deep to rinse away the crust of controversy and disdain piled at her work of nationalistic pride and journalistic lust for the dark continent.

photo not related, just kool.

And finally there is also some great stuff by my pal the incomparable african-american Peter Beard.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yard-Sale Rent-Party

The Second Biennial Design-District Multi-Family
Y a r d - S a l e
is Today.


N.E. 1 Court Between 38 and 39 Streets

... a pickers paradise.


Friday, February 13, 2009

LoveSick Fri13

On the eve of Saint Valentine's Day, nothing says "I Love You" better than sharing germs. What's a few sniffles between consenting adults. But there are some bugs out there today that are downright debilitating. Dear Mrs. was very sick early this week and so it is that swampthing is way under the weather and projecting from all ends, if you know what i mean. This 24 hour flu that is running roughshod is putting a damper on our weekend.

No amount of pepto-dismal will cure this malady. My otherwise fit self is but a shadow of a wreck. Whatever is going around packs a punch that leaves you worthless and longing for better days. Damn be those tiny monsters from the viral realm.

With so much to do this weekend, I wish it was easier to stop them blasted little bacteria. I have never felt so sick. Luckily it only lasts two days.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sprechgesang Rock

photo not related.

Langerado Concert may be canceled but....

For the 80' New Wave band that got it's name from a flying fortress killing machine, the B-52s are still a force for Good Times today. Saturday's concert at the Jackie Gleason Theater on Miami Beach was a musical event for old and young. The only thing keeping the house from bubbling over with enthusiasts was the price of admission.

Juniors Beware. Fogies just gotta have fun.
Senior Fox Veteran Rocker aficionado enjoys a dance in the isles with young fan. Some of the kids there were delighted to see the cheerful crowd of mostly 40 plus types... sporting 20 something fashions and reeling in the contagious sounds that made the band world famous.

More than a One Hit Wonder.
With over 60 years on continued service The Stratofortress B-52 bomber is the pride and joy of USA defense department's arsenal of heavy lifters. It carries more hits than the B-52s.

If one is frightening, many is friggin' frightening. If we spend billions bombing the lobster out of other people, then we could invested a little to win hearts and minds around the world with popular musical talent like the B-52s. People love the sound and it would save tons of dough.


Band of Misfit Boys n Girls.
Originally from Athens, Georgia the B 52s are All-American Talent with 30 years of musical accomplishments and hairdos to rival the nose-cones of the bombers.

Live to Rock Another Day at the Funplex.

Mr. and Mrs. Swampthing back-stage with long-time pal Fred Schneider ( Mr. Sprechgesang).

Also back-stage a the Jackie Gleason found some great murals by legendary David LeBatard LEBO. Finally, special thanks to Miami's own Rhythm Foundation for their continued support of the local scene.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SFDB 1903

Congratulations to SouthFloridaDailyBlog.

Like an automatonic editorial dredge, SFDB has stood sentry over the sifting of under-reported anthropological relevance from a myriad of scrap on the web.

From it's tumultuous gestation- stuck on the expressways in the swamp, to the garage bugler of nuanced local web publishing SFDB continues a legacy of dedicated googling work. This grape-vine site is updated more often than the Herald but less often than Fark.

Vintage Clip Art - Hialeah, Florida circa 2007

Align Center

Rick's is the preeminent Go-To Place for ranting, ruminating, vacillating, commiserating and sometimes consternating personal blog journal entries from Miami. Rick's place is up and running with the one year mark in the rear view mirror.

How would SFDB like a Vintage Truck for his First Birthday.
Compliments of swampstyle.


Duck, Cover, White-Wash, Repeat

In the old days, people were preoccupied with survival to the point of obsession. It was great business for the enterprising bomb-shelter and canned food folk. What's old is new again.

Where's the Tunnel At?

Miami the city-scape is an ever-changing attempt to create a utopian place that is just right for those willing and able to pony-up and get locked-in to the treadmill of revenue streams.

Best and Worst, Side by Side

But in the process of building utopia we will destroy the swamp and everything else. Evidence the changing face of urban graffiti. There are lots of new murals about town, some are striking others mundane. There is also a white-washing of old murals that are now gone forever, thanks no doubt to the county graffiti police wielding the sign ordinance enforcement for cash.

Hug Me, It's Nuclear Tuesday

This particular image in Wynwood is unique for it's content and character. The subject is of a lover's embrace in a landscape of apocalyptic nature. It is a near perfect sci-fi expression of how many must feel given the current conundrums of a city in flux at a time of national and world uncertainties.

DWNTWN without the TrOuble.

One thing is certain. The future will be here... someday. Miami planners are imagining a place that conjures images of BladeRunner ala swampstyle.

Here is a brilliant idea for living in a really small space... even as people are leaving South Florida in search of less green-greedy pastures.

And here is my favorite Graffiti of the Month.


Monday, February 2, 2009

SoBe Bummmer

Blogger S.O.S. Who the bleep is SoBe Bum and why is it futzing with this blog. What's up with all the links dumped onto swampstyle? Firefox freaks out with each visit to Bum site, it is a download drag.