Friday, February 26, 2010

Deutschland Dude!

Ships Ahoy

Leaving the swamp to go install art on the Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse currently being built in Papenburg Germany.

Curtain Call

Here is one of the Daniel Arsham sculptures that will amuse the cruise crowd on high seas.
I will be in 30 degree cold getting plastered.

Titanic Promotions

Will try to liveblog from the old country to see how google behaves worldwide.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Got Accidented?

Getting accidented or suicided is no joke.

This video has had 1,001 views... not exactly viral but it does present a few convincing reasons why it may be convenient to believe the official story of 9-11.

Lawd all might, glad I don't have any material facts.


Monday, February 15, 2010

all the presidents people

Happy George Washington's Birthday To Every Who in Whoville.

Tunnel of Laws

I feel sorry for the presidents. They may get to be the commander-in-chief of our armed forces but as leaders of the executive branch, they work for the citizenry. 'cept now they work for corporations.

Pentagone Fishin'

from the WSJ:

U.S. and Afghan commanders braced for stiffer Taliban resistance and ramped up the public-relations effort as U.S.-led forces pushed ahead with a major offensive into the southern Afghan town of Marjah.

The coalition said at least 15 Afghan civilians have been killed since the operation kicking off the U.S. surge began Saturday, but U.S. commanders said that toll hasn't cost them the ability to win local support.

Dumbo the President

All our presidents have had four or eight years to make peace on earth...

Endless War Game

...but they never do.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

my funny valentine

Have a Nice Saint Valentine's Day

I love my girls and...

Windows on the World

NYC of my young adulthood was a magical place where a brown boy from the swamp could get a job as a waiter on the 107 floor of the tallest building in the world.
This valentino found the girl of his dreams and fell in love.
Me and Mrs. Swampthing soon settled in a lovely brownstone and in time our dream of having a child were realized. Birth is a miracle.

A Tree Dies in Brooklyn

Then the unthinkable happened. Death is also a miracle.
Miracles by definition defy explanation so people are generally content with accepting things they can not fully understand.

Love is funny that way.

Dust Gets in Our Eyes

Why in high heaven does the official 911 love-story claim that airplanes brought down the twin towers and Bldg 7 when the facts clearly show that the buildings were demolished unto a very neat pile of ash and pulverized concrete.

Dan Badillo of We Are Change comments on newly released photos of 9-11.

How I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

Nine out of ten folk are content with the 9-11 Omission Report.
For the love of humanity, that still leaves millions who want a new investigation.
It is tough to move forward with love when your heart is broken.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Commercially grown roses don't smell, but if you've ever had a really sexy St. Valentines Day, you know what's swampy.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

80's Veterans


Not Your Average Tea Party
Long-time pal Robert Carrithers has tons of old photos from the East Village NYC.

Basquait Before the Blitzkrieg.
Notice SAMO is at the copy shop, color xeroxes were the new thing.

Basking in the Barn.
Ann Magnuson performing her Country Western Spoof Night at Club 57.

Wild in the City
Wendy Wild doing here Alice in Wonderland mushroom queen at an undisclosed basement.

Mystery of the Scene Makers
Joey Arias chanteuse for all time channeling who know who?

All this nostalgia has little to do with the swamp but suffice to say, I hope young people today are having as good a time as we east village 80's art veterans had back then. Somehow i doubt it.

Anyways, tons of great old and some new photos from Bob Carrithers if you feel the 80's.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palin = psychobabble tea

Pain in the Palin

Mirror mirror,
At the Mall,
Who is the Fringiest of them,
You'all !

The swamp does funny things to people... but the tundra really does a job.

Accidentally tuned into the Tea Peoples pow-wow on tee-vee while Sorry Palin warble on like the teacher in Charley Brown. Lawd all mighty, the way the lady from Alaska rants, it is no wonder why she is the darling of the disgruntled conservative fruit-cake bowel movement schmearing american town halls and airwaves.

White Noise - Antimatters

I hear them making lots of noise but can't really put my finger on what all the hoo-haw is about.
These are the same folk who warship Glenn 'hockey-puck' Beck.
All i can figure is they are:
1. racists
2. sexists
3. racists

They Hate Us For Our Power

Well, in their own words from 04 "we won, you lost, get over it"

Sharks with Friggin Laser Beams

The Teed-off Party is whipping itself up into a frothy pungent lather of discontent smothered in reagan-centric dilution. Whatever...

A Brazilian Dollars For Your Thoughts

There will be no health insurance reform, there will be no campaign finance reform, there will be no wall street reform, no environmental reform, no end to endless war...

Just lots of screaming obstructionist and 99 trillion dollars flushed down the toilet.

If Sarah Palin would fix Haiti, I might vote for her, but she will have to sweet-talk me in creole.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do the Bus Stop

Willy Czonka Wonka Weekend

It's game-time in the swamp.
Who doesn't know that the Superbowl is in town... followed by the BoatShow.
These two mega-events bring hordes of tourist to South Florida. The Bowl is our nations big gambling day, stakes are high and so are the visitors here to ppaarteee. The boatshow is a maritime clusterflub of wet suits and dry martinis. Both leave a trail of excess and pillow taxes.

MDX Mess

This welcome PSA banner shows fans in full war-paint ready to root-toot for their team.
Many visitors come here by car vs airplane. For many locals it's just a big pain in the ah whatever.

What the Fork?

GPS may know where you are but where the rubber meets the tar, FDOT is know for sending mixed signals.

Sit Down, Take a Load of Your Feet

The road people are quick to clean up scenes like this, another in my series of Bust Stop Crash Scenes. Your average wait for a bus in metro dade is 30 minutes.

Good Sports

But don't worry about reckless drivers or hungry haitians.
Have a great game and don't loose your shorts.