Saturday, September 15, 2012

Golden Brand Mart Interchange

Honk if you like bottles shaped like AK47's filled with candy liquor. And Like if you like late-night shopping for spirits @ TotalWine. A place where deals are serious, smiles are on display and all to often there is no open bar.

Treats and tricks is what we can expect in the coming days as the spook season in South Florida heralds the start of some iconic brew. The Fall season that is. Time to squirrel away some nuts.

But first let's travel though and under the golden arch of the golden glades interchange up on 163 street otherwise known as that crazed rats' nest of high speed cross roads. 

Turn left and you will find yourself and incidental passengers on a patch of real-estate industrial park trapped in a pocket of old urbanism. 

This area is  home to a menage of vendors that not only sustain a demand but are surreptitiously housed is some rather remarkable architecture. 

Classic Swampchitecture that is.

Classic indeed.

The encapsulated pod entrance place.

The aztec zig-zaggerat place.

The fortified moorish factoria.

 The elite research institute.

The Cosco of acrylic sheets ACME Plastics, your one-stop shop in the Gotham City of the South.

Best Wood. Whittlesey's
No Matter. What counts is the goods.  

Together these floundering businesses form a ramshackle industrial park effectively a pocket of not so disperate proto-urban swampyness interrupted by attempts at architecture.

A renovated facade of a warehouse housing the new and improved local PD...

And the old familiar landmark stands sentry for a plunging economy defined by diminished demand and brand banality.



  1. The old Modern Age Furniture Store!!!!!

    BTW, you get a hair cut?


    1. hair cut? not really but sure could use a complete make-over. why?

    2. oh got it. thats my pal w the AKbottle, very gentle person...